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Welcome to Paradise4Gringos

 Your Resource for Information on Latin America Real Estate


This is the first post on a new version of the Paradise4Gringos website.  We have been providing real estate services and consulting for over 30 years in the United States and Latin America. Now we want to tell you about many of the things we have learned as we have helped others.

We want to make this information more accessible to more people.  Every day more people think about escaping to a new life.  They look for a lower cost of living and new and exciting locations.

Latin America offers many different possibilities for you.  You may be thinking of real estate for retirement, for a vacation home or for investment.  You may also be thinking of living and working in a different country.  Along with those dreams, you will have questions and concerns.  We want to provide the answers.


We Are Here to Help You

We are a resource for individuals interested in real estate in foreign countries and especially Latin America real estate.

We also provide consulting and referral services.

We have a great network throughout the world of some of the top professionals that can assist in everything related to real estate and relocation.  We will give you unparalleled support.  Everyone associated with Paradise4Gingos will put a ton of effort into helping you.

Our goal now is to provide an interesting blog and resource pages which will provide tips about real estate and information on foreign markets. We especially like Latin America. It is close to the United States and Canada and offers many benefits to those who purchase property there.

We also want to give you information pro and con about moving to foreign countries to work, play or retire.  And we want to let you know much more about foreign real estate as an investment.


We are asking for your help:

  • Please let us know about anything that you would like to see in the blog.
  • We welcome guest posts that fit within our guidelines and editorial calendar.
  • Please give us any suggestions that will make this site better for you.
  • Please tell your friends and associates about us.

Thank you.


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